Larry P., Skydive Suffolk Owner
Larry is the Owner/Operator of Skydive Suffolk and has been skydiving for over 30 years. Larry has over 9,600 jumps and is a certified FAA rigger, multi-commercial, instrument pilot, AFF Instructor/Evaluator, Vector Tandem Master and is a World Record holder and a Safety and Training Advisor. He was also one of the instructors for President Bush when he did his AFF jumps. He also cuts the grass and takes out the trash.
Eddie H.
Eddie has been jumping for 6 years and has 3000 jumps. He shoots Video and is a Packer. Eddie likes to wrestle and is a aviate Chess player. He attends Old Dominion University.
Joe G., Position: Pilot
Joe made his first jump at Skydive Suffolk in 1983, and subsequently earned his USPA 'D' License rating prior to beginning his service in the U.S. Navy as a Strike-Fighter Pilot. Since 1985, he has logged an impressive 3000 hours in tactical jet aircraft, including the F-14 Tomcat and the F/A-18 Hornet, as well as 700 arrested landings on nine different U.S. Naval Carriers. Joe can be found at Skydive Suffolk on the weekends piloting the skies above the drop zone in our PAC 750 XL, and giving our customers the ride of a lifetime!
Clay P., Position: Safety and Training Advisor
As our motto states, 'When Experience Counts...' you will find that it resonates through our Safety and Training Advisor Clay. Born in Boston, MA, Clay has been a skydiver for five years, and has an impressive number of skydiving qualifications which benefit both Skydive Suffolk and the U.S. Navy. Currently, he is an Accelerated Free-Fall Instructor, Tandem Master, Coach, Level 4 Wind Tunnel Coach, Military Free-Fall Jumpmaster, Military Static Line Jumpmaster, Military HRST/C Master, Military Air-Operations Trainer/Examiner, and Air to Air Videographer.
Abby N.
Adam F.
Elisa K.
Ashley S., Position: Manifest Agent
One of the first people you meet upon arriving at Skydive Suffolk are the wonderful women who work the Manifest desk. Ashley started working for Skydive Suffolk in May 2009. Though not an avid skydiver, she performes a tandem skydive every year. She states, "I love working here, but nothing compares to my main job. Working with energetic 1st graders as a school teacher!" Ashley can be found at the drop zones on the weekends greeting our customers with her sweet smile and lively personality.
Chad H.
Jason H.
Jim D.
John H.
Terry W.
Erika A
Scott C
Billy B