Accelerated Freefall Training

Accelerated Freefall allows you to experience the sensation of freefall on your very first jump!

Since 1981, AFF has been the most popular training program for someone who wants to become a licensed skydiver as quickly as possible. The entire program has 25 jumps.

The first level includes the complete ground school. Each additional jump requires about 30-45 minutes of training. Maximum weight is 230 lbs.

The first jump is with two USPA certified AFF jumpmasters . On your jump they assist you from aircraft exit to parachute opening. You open your own parachute, then steer your parachute to a soft landing in our wide open, hazard free landing area. You will have radio backup during your parachute descent. Exit altitudes are from 11,000 to 14,000 feet, depending on the aircraft.

Each jump includes a thorough debrief to learn from each experience. Completion of this course provides each new skydiver the skills and knowledge for basic and safe recreational skydiving. After your 25 freefall jumps you will qualify for the USPA "A" License .

Our ACCELERATED FREEFALL (AFF) program allows you to experience the sensation of freefall on your very first jump. This training leads to a jump in which you freefall for 60 seconds and then you open your own parachute. Two jumpmasters will guide you through the exit, freefall, deployment and landing processes. Training takes approximately 4-5 hours which includes aircraft procedures, the opening sequence of a parachute, emergency situations, landing techniques, and practical exercises in body positions for exits and freefall. Skydive Suffolk has Virginia's most experencied staff. We provide one on one training thru your 25th jump.

Training every 2 Weeks on Fridays starting at 6:00 pm at Suffolk Executive Airport.  You need to make a prior reservation. Use our convenient and secure online form to schedule and pay for your sky dive.