Blog Post: Employee of the Week! Meet Elizabeth Morgan

March 13, 2017

We’re starting a new series where we spotlight members of the Skydive Suffolk team.

Up first: Elizabeth Morgan, our Skydiving School office administrator.

Given that Elizabeth helps our guests each weekend take the skydiving adventure of a lifetime, you’ll never guess her day job (something far less extreme).

Elizabeth is an accountant!

She works at an estate planning firm crunching numbers Monday-Friday and joins the Skydive team on weekends because she loves the atmosphere, our team and the expressions on peoples’ faces when they return from jumps!

As the Skydiving School office administrator, Elizabeth helps first-time jumpers with the onboarding process and assists student jumpers in attaining their licenses.

She lives in Williamsburg and outside of both jobs, she enjoys Crossfit, yoga and visiting wineries. Plus, she’s an identical twin and has an MBA in accounting!

Also, she recently started a blog to support and relate to people who have been affected by, or are suffering from, loss. “My own experiences with loss prompted my first skydive in 2014,” she said. “After the jump, I wanted to find ways to spend more time in that atmosphere and be part of the team.”

See photo below from her first jump with Skydive Suffolk (third overall)!

As for some of her favorite memories at Skydive Suffolk, Elizabeth loves when couples make a skydive part of a marriage proposal. She was also touched when a young woman suffering from brain cancer did a recent jump.

“We have many inspiring people who go skydiving here, and it’s another reason why I love to be part of this community.”

Stay tuned for more team profiles soon!

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