Blog Post: Employee of the Week! Meet Maggie McClelland

June 26, 2017

Since December 2016, Maggie McClelland has been a vital member of the Skydive Suffolk family.

Her job: everything from taking payments, to verifying information for the licensed and tandem jumpers, to being the source of communication between the pilot and the jumpers to ensure that they are prepared for their jumps.

The Virginia Beach native attended Kellam High School in Virginia Beach and is currently an English and history double major at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

McClelland’s most memorable experience with Skydive Suffolk happened at Safety Day when K-9 trainer and skydiver Jimmy Hatch spoke about his experiences in the military and his work with service dogs. “It was incredible to hear his story,” she said.

Skydive Suffolk is McClelland’s part-time job in the summer and she absolutely loves working with her coworkers and interacting with the customers.

“I like being involved in such an exciting activity. Most people come in nervous and intimidated, but they leave on an adrenaline high and they’re so excited!” McClelland said.

If you want to experience the thrill of skydiving, then come for a visit. Maggie will take great care of you!

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