Blog Post: Two Virginia Beach Elementary School Principals Go Skydiving!

September 24, 2017

It was a hall pass of epic proportions.

At the 2017 Oceana Air Show, two Virginia Beach elementary school principals took a break from the schoolday to go skydiving with Skydive Suffolk!

The principals:

– Tara Brewer (Shelton Park Elementary)

– Danielle Colucci (Luxford Elementary)

The women jumped while attached to trained professionals. Alberto Macias was the tandem instructor for Danielle while David Frey accompanied Tara.

The foursome jumped during the national anthem at the start of the air show.

Here’s what Tara had to say about the experience:

“Skydiving has definitely been on my bucket list for quite some time! My excitement for skydiving FAR exceeded my nervousness! Nothing could have prepared me for this and everyone at Skydive Suffolk made the experience that much better. I immediately connected with Dave and felt an extreme level of care, trust and confidence.

Once Dave and I did our back flip out of the plane, I delighted in the moment. I was flying, floating, soaring across the sky and it’s the most amazing, freeing feeling. I waved at the others on the ground and definitely took it all in! I absolutely can’t wait to get to do it again! Thank you to Skydive Suffolk for the experience of a lifetime!”

Danielle had similar thoughts:

“Being so high up provided great perspective on life and was truly magical and exhilarating! Alberto and the entire team were very professional, clear with instructions and made the experience feel safe which was calming and allowed me to take it all in and really enjoy the experience. I will always remember this and am so grateful l was given this amazing opportunity!”

Thanks, Tara and Danielle, for making the day special for us too!

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