Blog Post: Get to Know Lee Carey! Local Author, Surfer and Big Fan of Skydive Suffolk

January 29, 2018

Before Lee Carey ever did his first skydive at Skydive Suffolk, he had enough colorful adventures for a page-turning autobiography.

Still, he believes skydiving is the most “exhilarating experience of my life.”

The Virginia Beach native first came to Skydive Suffolk in 2015 and jumped with his son who was 34 years old at the time. They had a blast and Carey, now 67, was hooked. Since then he’s jumped four more times!

“The rush is like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” he said.

Carey was surprised to learn about Skydive Suffolk as an adventure destination here in Hampton Roads. He graduated from Kellam High School, served in the Army and then ran his family feed store, Princess Anne Farmers’ Service, from 1976 to 1996.

Retired and only in his mid-40s, Carey took up writing books. He’s now authored 10 books (and he’s working on an 11th). The books are a mix of crime and mystery novels often with pets as prominent characters. And one of his short stories, published in 2016, is called A Leap of Faith, which chronicles his experience at Skydive Suffolk.

Carey says the first time he jumped was unforgettable, and it exceeded any other “adventure” he’s had so far. That includes being a surfer, an expert in feed for wild birds and a member of the Tidewater Softball Hall of Fame.

We told you he’s had an interesting story!

Through it all, Skydive Suffolk, remains the “biggest rush” of his life.

Carey says the Skydive Suffolk team is always professional and first class. He never hesitates to tell friends and family to join him on a jump. And he plans to do another jump soon.

Thank you, Lee Carey, for being one of our favorite jumpers and spreading the word!

PS: If you’d like a free copy of Carey’s book, Leap of Faith, email him at and tell him you read about the book on the Skydive Suffolk blog!

Lee with his tandem instructor, Alberto.

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