Blog Post: Take Your Vacation to New Heights — Go Skydiving with Skydive Suffolk!

July 2, 2018

Are you planning a summer vacation to the East Coast? Make sure Skydive Suffolk is at the top of your itinerary.

Every summer (and fall, winter and spring), people from across the US descend on our drop zone for a day they never forget!

Hampton Roads people, you know we love you, but this blog post is dedicated to all the folks who came thousands of miles for their adventure of a lifetime.

In the past couple of years, check out where some of our jumpers came from!

  • Kamuela, Hawaii
  • Forest Grove, Oregon
  • Vancouver, Washington
  • Two separate jumpers from Fairbanks, Alaska!

BIg shout-out to all the West Coasters — and people in Alaksa and Hawaii — who chose Skydive Suffolk for their jumps.

How far did you travel for a jump at Skydive Suffolk? Share our blog below on social media and tell us in your post!

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