Blog Post: Preparing for your first tandem skydive

July 29, 2019

So you’re finally going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane! Or maybe you’re still on the fence. This article will help you navigate and set expectations for your first tandem.

Before you arrive:

1. Eat a good breakfast, arriving at the Dropzone hungry is no fun. Bring snacks and water!

2. Get a good nights sleep

3. What to wear? We do not recommend, short shorts, tank tops or tight clothing. Wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes.

4. Check the weather, if you’re unsure if we are still jumping that day, give as a call.

5. Your reservation time is your check in time, not your jump time.

Upon arrival:

1. Check in with student office, they will have you watch a 15 minute safety video and sign all paperwork.

2. Weigh in, ID check and payment.

3. Manifest will then place you on a load. The hanger TV will show your name and load number.

4. Now you’ll wait until it’s your turn! Enjoy our lawn games, and watching the other parachutists land.

5. 20 minutes before your plane arrives the instructor will come find you to give you another safety briefing and harness you up!

6. NOW CALL! Follow your instructor out to the plane!

The Fun stuff:

1. The airplane will take 15-20 minutes to get to altitude, 13,500 feet!! On the way up your instructor will attach and tighten your harness. Once at altitude the pilot will activate the green jump light.

2. Exit: Your instructor will guide you to the exit.

3. Freefall 60 sec, Don’t forget to open your eyes and smile! Enjoy terminal velocity at 120 mph.

4. After the parachute opens, enjoy the views. At this time your instructor may loosen some of your harness to make it a more comfortable ride for you!

5. When landing, listen to your instructor for direction on when to pull your feet up!

Did you love your first skydive?! Then you’ll love the First Jump Course!! Sign up the day of your tandem jump to receive ground school for just $75! Become a licensed skydiver!

Maybe getting a license isn’t for you but you loved the thrill and want to do it again. Purchase a second tandem at a significant discount which can be used anytime over the next year!

Some Do’s and Dont’s:

1. Do not bring a pet! If you arrive at the Dropzone with an animal you will be rescheduled.

2. Do not arrive with drugs or alcohol in your system.

3. Do not step over or step on any parachutes in the packing area.

4. Do ask questions, we’re here to help.

5. Do have fun, because that’s why you’re here!

6. Do get the pictures and videos, you just did something awesome!

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