Blog Post: Lauren Pfeifer: Skydive Suffolk’s Newest Freefall School Graduate!

August 31, 2017

Lauren Pfeifer used to dread “boring weekends” where she wouldn’t know how to fill the time.

Thanks to Skydive Suffolk, boredom isn’t a problem any more. Not even a little bit! Pfeifer is a recent graduate of the Skydive Suffolk Freefall School, a comprehensive course in which novice skydivers receive their USPA A-License and gain the ability to jump solo. In late August 2017, Pfeifer completed her mandatory 25 jumps, each with a different challenge or area of proficiency. Now, the civilian contractor for the military has the go-ahead to skydive on her own.

“The Freefall School was worth every penny,” Pfeifer said. “I grew so much as a skydiver throughout the process and have total confidence in my abilities.”

Pfeifer did her first tandem jump in fall 2015 after her best friend encouraged her to do it. She then made repeat visits to Skydive Suffolk where the entire operation “felt like a family.” The reservist in the Coast Guard then decided summer 2017 was the right time to become licensed. She took advantage of a special discount for military veterans and enrolled.

First, Pfeifer needed to attend Skydive Suffolk’s Ground School course which meets on Saturday and lasts all day. There, she learned about safety, equipment and maneuvers. After Ground School, she did her first solo jump and then began to work on her remaining 24 jumps to obtain the license. Each jump focuses on skills building.  During her 25 jumps, she received one-on-one instruction.

“All the coaches I’ve had are very thorough and follow the instruction to a T,” she said. “They never cut corners, especially on how they directed me to check my equipment before and after each jump.”

Pfeifer also says she’s been to other drop zones and Skydive Suffolk stands alone.

“I love the atmosphere, the people and the overall experience!”

Are you ready for Freefall School?

 Lauren Pfeifer during one of her training jumps as part of the Skydive Suffolk Freefall School. 

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