Blog Post: Employee of the Week! Meet Ross Leventhal

May 16, 2017

Boarded a Skydive Suffolk plane recently?


Chances are, Ross Leventhal took you up into the sky for your life-changing, breathtaking jump!


Leventhal is Skydive Suffolk’s chief pilot, and he’s worked for the company the past 18 months.


The Virginia Beach native has flown planes since he was 15 and learned from his father, a corporate pilot who works for Gulfstream.


Leventhal, 26, graduated from Cox High School and received a degree in mechanical engineering from Old Dominion University. He then spent two years as a commissioned officer in the Navy (San Diego) before he returned to Hampton Roads. Back in the 757, he worked for a construction firm and quickly realized he can’t spend all day behind a desk.


So he came to Skydive Suffolk and now splits his time between flying the planes and doing skydives. He often shoots skydive videos for the tandem students and is working towards his certification as a tandem and accelerated free fall instructor.


Leventhal says he loves his job and “can’t imagine a day NOT spent up in the air.”


Come to Skydive Suffolk and join him for a day you’ll never forget!







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