Learn To Skydive

Amazing experience, friendly instructors that walk you through everything and make sure you’re comfortable. Got my video back the same day. So many good pictures and video


2 months ago

The most incredible experience ever. This may sound cliché but it was life changing. It gives you a whole different view, not to mention, WHAT A RUSH! Noah was my tandem buddy and was fantastic with instructions and step by step what would happen. I had good video and photos so would recommend that option as well. I can’t wait to do it again!!!


a year ago

Shared an amazing experience here with my brother & a few friends. Did a tandem jump for my birthday & wow. Never experienced anything like floating down to my doom & realizing that the scariest part of it all was my own thoughts, not the actual jump itself. I had a fantastic time & everyone that joined me all said we’d do it again. The footage was awesome. Thank you Brenden & Suffolk Skydive for an amazing first time jump from all 4 of us.


9 months ago

Fantastic first jump experience! It was a destination trip to celebrate a birthday and could NOT have been better. The staff was professional, super easy going and friendly, knowledgeable and experienced… definitely pros and will definitely be coming back! Well worth the 11 hour drive to get here! Thank you, Skydive Suffolk!


3 months ago

David is an awesome instructor! It was my first jump, and I can’t explain the feeling. I’m so glad I chose Skydive Suffolk, and I recommend them.


a year ago

Everything about Skydive Suffolk is awesome! My daughter did her first jump on Saturday. Everyone was professional, super friendly and welcoming. Her dive instructor, Blaine and the photographer were absolutely amazing.I cant say Thank You enough for making this experience memorable and safe!
Next jump will be mine!


2 years ago

So much fun. The community of people there were very professional. It was my first jump ever and I am hooked. Blaine explained everything to me and I felt I was in capable hands. It’s so hard to capture all the feelings experienced in words. I’m still pumped off the adrenaline and cannot wait to do it over and over again. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience. If you are debating doing this, just do it. It is 100 % worth it.


6 months ago

Great place to jump! Did my first ever tandem here today and it was a great time! My instructor was awesome, very nice, and experienced.


3 months ago

Had a fantastic experience start to finish with the entire staff here! Thanks to Josh for being my instructor and Ben for taking the video!! You both were awesome!!! I’d be back if I wasn’t moving!


6 months ago

Wow! My husband and I did tandem jumps. This was by far the most exciting and life changing trip we’ve had in our 35 years of marriage. David and Tyler prepared us well for each step of the way. I was so chill it was easy to roll out of the plane knowing we were in good hands. It’s not easy to explain all the emotions and energy, you really need to do it to understand. It took us both a few hours+ to come down off the adrenaline rush. We also hired a camera man. He took excellent video and had it in our email by the end of the night. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!!


2 years ago

ANYone can do this! It is nothing to fear and blissfully amazing. The tandem instructors are so wonderful and made it easy and fun. Can’t wait to go back! I recommend Ross, Steve, and David.


3 years ago

Had a awesome unforgettable experience! Everyone was friendly, professional, safe and very informative. Already paid for another jump and cant wait to go back!


4 years ago

Me and my instructor JOSH! I swear this guy changed my life! This was an epic experience of a lifetime. I have a fear of heights and he was so reassuring and comforting! I can’t wait to jump with him again! Also all the instructors that were on the plane were so at ease they were joking around with us! I felt like family. The jump was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! It’s definitely worth coming back for! #Newadrenalinejunkie Thanks Josh! And thanks Skydive Suffolk! I’ll see you soon!


2 years ago

Thank you, Skydive Suffolk, for the most incredible and memorable experience! Everyone on the staff was welcoming, enthusiastic, and energetic, which helped take all of my nerves away. It was obvious that everyone there loves their jobs and wants to make each jumper’s experience unforgettable. Massive shoutouts to Ty, the tandem jumper, and Ty, the camera guy, for making me feel completely safe. Instead of feeling nervous, they made me so excited and helped me feel at ease, even at 13,000 feet in the air. They made the experience for me. I couldn’t recommend them or Skydive Suffolk enough! If you’re reading this, sign up for a reservation now! You won’t regret it.


3 years ago

Experience of a lifetime. Honest. Most people you know or meet will not be brave enough to skydive. I’ve changed permanently, in a postive way. If you can do this, you can pretty much handle whatever life throws at you. My advice to new jumpers: most of it is mental, find and focus on what gives you courage. It is more safe than it looks.Your ears are gonna pop like when you fly on an airplane, its normal. Follow your instructor and enjoy!


a year ago

Pete made me feel at home and at ease with my first jump. Great experience!


a month ago

Absolutely amazing! Went for my first time today; everyone was so nice, chill, and fun – made for an incredible time. I felt completely safe with the instructors. The video and photo package is in amazing quality, the photographers really know what they’re doing. Highly recommend documenting your jump here! Thank you!!


a year ago

A great experience from start to finish. The instructors were all a lot of fun. I went with my two brothers and dad and we all had a great time. Everyone made it a great time and has us laughing the whole way. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. For having no prior experience, it felt surprisingly easy and comfortable to dive for my first time. I highly recommend skydiving here and with this core group.


a year ago