Licensed Skydivers

Welcome to Skydive Suffolk! We can’t wait to jump with you!

For more information please join our jumper page on Facebook: Skydive Suffolk Jumpers


Step 1
Have your logbook, reserve card, USPA membership, photo Id and DZ waiver.

Step 2

Add Skydive Suffolk as a DZ in your burble app. Don’t have a burble? Create an account here:

Step 3

Add money to your account. Please use your burble app or the outside window to manifest.

Step 4

We’ll have an instructor go over our Drop Zone Briefing with you!


To stay current you must complete a jump within the timeframes below:


A license every 60 days


B license every 90 days


C-D license every 180 days

If you have fallen outside these ranges you must complete a recurrency jump with one of our instructors. The recurrency cost is $145 and includes rig rental and lift ticket. There are several levels of recurrency training if you have concerns please talk to our S&TA.


Full Altitude $30
Hop n Pop $30

Gear Rental

We have a full Gear Store for all your needs!
$35 per jump
The final repack of the day is $10

Gear Requirements

Reserve repack within the last 180 days. Required AAD.
Questions? Contact our Lead Rigger.


We have covered and padded packing in the hangar as well as in our climate-controlled trailer.


Skydive Suffolk Mentor Program

Our goal with the mentor program is to assist people in reaching their personal goals and excelling in this sport. If you are a newly licensed jumper or have under 200 jumps you can receive free coaching by one of our mentors! Talk to manifest or check our whiteboard to see what mentors are available.

We want Skydive Suffolk to be the most inviting, fun, and safe place to skydive in Virginia!

WWII Biplane Jumps

Book a Jump Out of a 1943 Stearman!

Inverted and Wings Level Jumps

Video Available for Purchase and Download


Wings level jumps - $175


Inverted Jumps - $225


Minimum of three jump reservations required per day

Contact Us

Or call 757-539-3531