Blog Post: Group Bookings

March 28, 2019

Some adventures are better shared with friends or family, and skydiving is one of them! While coming alone to skydive is perfectly fine, most people want to share this experience with a loved one. If you want to book multiple people to skydive, the easiest thing to do is book online, and to have one person book multiple people at the same time.


But we understand sometimes you find out a friend or family member is skydiving and you want to join in on the fun! In order to join the same group/time frame, you can follow the steps outlined in this blog post.


Note – you are ALWAYS welcome to call us to book your reservation; please keep in mind if you are booking multiple people you will need some of their personal information in order to book, and a $50 non-refundable fee per person is required (this money is held until you come in to pay the remainder of the skydive, and the $50 does apply to the overall total).


To book your tandem skydive, click here!

 Learn about our Safety Day and how our team takes action to keep everyone safe.May be an image of 3 people and people skydiving

Adding To A Group



Ensure the information is correct. You are adding to “Kathleen’s” group and the scheduled jump is at 10:30 am. If this information is correct: select the 10:30am – 3 available button.


This will then take you to a page where you MUST accept all of our conditions. Once all of the conditions have been accept please select “Agree and Continue”.


This will then take you to a page where you must add your personal information, all categories with as asterisk* must be filled out. On this page you can also select to add video option. This is not required and can be added the day of your jump. Once completed, select “Add Jumper 1”.


Upon entering in your personal information you will then be taken to a screen where you will add your credit card information. Upon entering your credit card information select the “Complete Booking” tab.



Your reservation is now complete! You have successfully joined a group that has already booked.


If for some reason these steps are not working for you, ensure you book your skydive on the same date and at the same time as your friend/family member and in the “Notes” section, write your request, “I want to skydive with (INSERT NAME HERE)” and we will place you in the same group.


You are also always welcome to call or email us with questions! 757-539-3531


Blue Skies! – The Skydive Suffolk Team


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